Sliding Blinds & Screens

Perth Window and Door Replacement are proud to partner with Centor, to bring you the world’s finest retractable insect screens and blinds, which can be paired with any door or window from our wide selection.

These sliding screen and blind systems enable homeowners with large door openings to enjoy the luxury of inside-outside living without the traditional compromises – insects, glare and loss of privacy.

Screening Systems

Centor’s award-winning retractable insect screens and blinds have solved the problem of screening folding doors, hinged patio doors, sliding glass doors and more. 

Our screening systems can be elegantly paired with new or existing doors and windows to unobtrusively keep insects out. They also provide the additional benefit of protection from the sun & privacy in your home.

How Door and Window Screens Work

Centor’s door and window screens retract into the system’s frame when not in use. Moving in a horizontal, retractable action, the screens or blinds can be drawn across the opening from any height on the stile. 

Not relying on awkward hand-brake mechanisms, the stile is elegantly load-balanced. When open, it remains in any position without snapping shut, allowing for easy transitions from inside to out. While, our vertical, chain-operated systems for windows – including casement, louvre and awning – are easily controlled with one hand.

The durable insect mesh has no pleats or lines to detract from the view. Installing a flyscreen means that doors can be opened more often, increasing ventilation and reducing air conditioner use, while the blind allows for discreet control of glare and privacy.

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Frequently asked questions

There are many benefits to having a sliding fly screen attached to your doors or windows. They include:

  • Keeping unwanted insects out of your home
  • Installing additional security
  • They can stop children from entering areas
  • Maintaining your privacy
  • Adding style to the room
  • Saving energy thanks to natural ventilation and being able to control light coming in.

The tough aluminium frame is offered as standard in natural anodised or pearl white powder coat, while bespoke colours are available on request. The charcoal insect mesh is made from hard-wearing polyester/PVC and is available in both a standard or tight weave.

Yes, we can customise and fit sliding screens and blinds to any existing door frame or window frame. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Sliding doors
  • Security screen doors
  • Large windows in patio areas
  • Casement windows
  • French doors
  • Stacking doors

Yes, Centor will offer you a 5-year warranty on its screening systems.

There are two types of mesh available. The standard mesh guarantees to keep out insects such as flies, wasps, and bees. The tight weave will keep out the tiniest of insects such as mosquitos and midges.

Regularly wiping the screen lightly with a microfiber cloth or a duster should keep them as new. Remember to keep the track clean by vacuuming too. The frames can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth.