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Appearance is just as important as functionality when it comes to windows – having appealing window frames works to accompany other visual appeals of a home or business. However, it isn’t uncommon for functionality and appearance to clash and affect each other.

Finding a good balance between the two can be difficult – but luckily, DecoWood provides a perfect solution that can elevate any window framing to new heights.

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  • 50% more durable*
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What Are DecoWood Windows?

DecoWood is a special textured wood-like finish that is applied to an aluminium or steel product such as windows and doors. The purpose of this is to give the look of timber windows while maintaining the strength of other powder coated aluminium windows.

DecoWood windows can be installed anywhere in your home or business, and allow for security mesh screens to be alongside them to provide additional peace of mind.

Why Install DecoWood Windows?

When looking into which windows to install on your property, you want to know the best features of each. We are confident in how good DecoWood windows are – and here are some points as to why:

  • Gorgeous Wood Finish – Having a wood finish on any framing or elements of your home can add a great homely look, and DecoWood is a great choice for this. DecoWood is Australia’s favourite timber look for a reason, and the natural beauty brought in by this is strong evidence of this.
  • Sturdy, Durable and Long Lasting – Due to being exposed to elements such as heavy winter weather and harsh summer UV light from the sun, windows need to be strong. DecoWood has been shown to be 50% more durable than standard powder coating, meaning you’ll have windows that last longer than the rest.
  • Low Maintenance – A powder coated finish can look good on windows, however the standard powder coating scratching that can occur is not very desirable. DecoWood bypasses this by using high-quality materials that make for less damage and maintenance in the long-term.

Applications of DecoWood Windows

Unlike timber framing that can deteriorate over time, the diversity provided by DecoWood’s unique finish makes it very versatile and sustainable in many situations.

Since the benefits of DecoWood windows are the same for both homes and businesses alike – as well as meeting Australian and international standards when it comes to windows – the applications for both are quite similar as well.

Firstly, having a wide range of colour choices available means DecoWood windows can be a great accent to so many different existing colour schemes on properties. Need to brighten a space?

Get some lighter DecoWood! Want to add a dark contrast? Darker DecoWood is available as well.

In terms of visuals, DecoWood makes for a great addition to beachside homes that aim to bring in some natural wood styling. Looking out onto the ocean through a DecoWood window truly is a fantastic experience.

At its core, DecoWood is best for homes that want to add wood to enhance the overall aesthetic of the property without sacrificing strength and durability. You can certainly get DecoWood windows purely for their functional benefits, but it is the wood finish that really makes the difference everytime.

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