Casement Windows

Windows can come in many different shapes and sizes – but they also are able to distinguish themselves from one another by the way in which they operate. While this may seem trivial to some, it plays a big part in the overall appeal and satisfaction of a property. This can be clearly seen when it comes to casement windows.

What Are Casement Windows?

Casement windows are windows that use hinges on the side of the frame to open and close – but their biggest defining trait is the casement stay. Casement stays are bars made of strong materials such as metal to hold fixed windows in place. Whether it’s for keeping the window open or locking it shut, a casement stay is what makes a casement window.

Why Install Casement Windows?

The diversity and flexibility-of-use that comes with casement windows make them a great option for any home. But if you’re still thinking it over, here are some reasons casement windows may be right for you:

  • Consistently Energy Efficient – Being a window that fully seals when closed, casement windows make for a good option if energy efficient glass windows are high on your criteria. Full seals mean less air escapes from appliances such as air conditioning, saving you energy and money in the long term.
  • Easy to use and operate – Since casement windows don’t include any electrics within them, their operation is straightforward. Using a manual opening and closing mechanism, they can be used by anyone with ease. Just make sure there is ample room outside as the windows open outward.
  • Able to provide range of ventilation – Casement windows make the most of their hinged design by allowing for different levels of opening angles. This allows you to use the window to whichever level you need – this can be for ventilating cooking fumes, or simply allowing a cool breeze of fresh air to enter.
  • Can Add to any Interior Design – Our casement windows are available in a range of design options, meaning they can be added to any pre-existing home without the need to redesign. There are many different casement window configurations too, meaning you’re sure to find something to match your property.

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Application of Casement Windows

Casement windows are effective enough to have a large number of applications. Most of these are residential, but there are some commercial ones as well.

Residential Applications

Thanks to their ability to ventilate at varying levels, casement windows make a great addition to a kitchen. As mentioned above, being able to easily get hot cooking air and fumes out of the kitchen quickly is good to avoid potentially overheating the area or causing a smoke alarm to go off.

Another area a ventilating casement window may come in handy is in the bathroom. Warm showers create steam that can cause fogging and condensation on the rest of the bathroom when there is nowhere for the steam to escape to. A casement window allows steam to properly ventilate and keep the bathroom from fogging up.

Commercial Applications

Similar applications to the residential ones can be made in a commercial space as well. In terms of cooking, kitchens in cafes and restaurants can make good use of casement windows. They can also work well in spaces that have workplace bathrooms in office buildings with their excellent ventilation.

Their energy efficiency and ability to let in natural light mean they stand out for businesses among other window types for being an effective yet simple solution.

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