Aluminium Bi-fold Windows

Aluminium Bi-Fold Windows are great for entertaining, as well as adding natural light and ventilation to your Perth home. Aluminium Bi-Fold Windows are a great way to provide access between your kitchen and patio and provide unobstructed panoramic views.

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Why Install Bi-fold windows?

If you are a fan of open space living and letting a lot of fresh air and natural light in, Aluminium Bi-Fold Windows and doors are the perfect choice for you. Aluminium Bi-fold Windows are versatile in operation, you can choose to fold it all the way or to your desired length.

Adding ventilation and maximising space by essentially acting as a separator of your alfresco area to your kitchen, it’s the perfect addition to an elegant home.

Residential Application of Bifold Windows

Bifold windows are suitable for installation in kitchens, living rooms, balconies, and any room in the property that opens out to the backyard or the family entertainment area.

With most Perth homes ensuring a window security screen between the window and the outdoors to keep the bugs out, we offer a security screen option to complement the bifold window installation.

Commercial Application of Bifold Windows

Bifold windows used in a commercial application:

  • Restaurant serveries or using it to separate or connect the exterior.
  • Event spaces – either to quadrant off or to open spaces.
  • Resorts or hotels where there are communal areas to connect the views to the guests.
  • Office interior – add in a conference room instead of glass panels or between cubicles.


  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Durable
  • Come with an all-inclusive 10-year warranty
  • High performing hardware
  • Australian Building Standards 2047


  • Custom panel combinations
  • Different range of panels width
  • Variety of powder-coated colours to choose from
  • Adding window security screens
  • Option to open inward or outward
  • Option to open to the right or to the left

How to maintain Aluminium Bi-fold Windows

Bifold windows are stress-free to maintain. Once a year is enough to keep these windows happy unless you live close to the sea or dusty surrounds.

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Frequently asked questions

There are 3 elements of the bifold window that requires cleaning. The hinge, frame and glass.

Hinges: Use a diluted vinegar solution to wipe the hinges with a clean cloth.

Frames: Using a mild detergent or dishwashing liquid and warm water as a solution to clean. Use a cloth to wipe down.

Glass: Using non abrasive home cleaning solution or glass cleaner, spray the solution onto glass and using a squeegee, microfibre cloth or newspaper, wipe the glass clean.

Avoid abrasive solutions such as crème cleansers and scouring sponges to wipe down.

Like bi-fold doors, bifold windows help to provide a seamless transition from the indoors to the outdoors. They are mounted on tracks at the top of the window and consist of two or more panels with hinges. In addition, they can be opened to twice the width of a standard sliding window that moves to the side.

Servery windows are another term for bifold windows. They act as a divider from the kitchen to an open space often used as a serving station to serve food and drinks from.

Perth Window Replacement company offers custom bifold windows and doors to suit your specifications.

Bifold windows can be installed in both timber and aluminium window frames. Aluminium is recommended for its longevity and easy to maintain qualities.

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