Aneeta Sashless Windows

The Aneeta Sashless Windows from Perth Window & Door Replacement Company are perfect for any building environment.

Why Aneeta Sashless Windows?

It’s no secret that windows are an essential part of any building.

But the attraction towards Aneeta Sashless Windows is their minimalist look which gives them the ability to compliment and open up any space, minimising interference with the view of beautiful landscapes.

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What Do Aneeta Sashless Windows Look Like?

Aneeta Sashless offers an attractive alternative to traditional Fixed Windows. While they come with the look of fixed windows, the main differentiator is that they can be opened to let in air.

Their Fixed Window appearance, discrete locks and thin timber or aluminium frames create openness within a room rather than dominating it with cluttered frame lines as other framing options do.

Aneeta Sashless Window Security

Aneeta Sashless Windows come with concealed locks in their frames, so they blend seamlessly into the room while providing the room with security when you would like to lock up, yet they can be opened for air circulation when desired.

Aneeta Sashless Windows Customisable Options

With a slim and subtle frame that comes in a wide range of materials and colours to suit any environment, you never have to worry about whether or not your windows are going to match the rest of the building.

We can customise our Aneeta Sashless Windows to suit your property’s needs, whether it’s the height or width, the hardware used for the frame and even the tinting to keep out the summer heat for optimal energy efficiency.

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Frequently asked questions

Aneeta Sashless Windows appear to look like traditional Fixed Windows that cannot be opened. However, they can be opened and function much like either single or double-hung windows.

Aneeta Sashless Windows contain two panes of glass fitted into a sash frame system, but it does not look as though it includes a sash running through the centre of the window, giving it a frameless effect and making it seem as if it is a regular Fixed Window.

Aneeta Sashless Windows should be regularly cleaned to avoid scratching the glass as you open and close it. You can clean these windows with a window cleaning spray and cloth. Make sure you clean both the inside and outside of the window.

Aneeta Sashless Windows can extensively vary in price depending on your custom window. This can include the size, quality of glass, glass glazing options and sash frame. Contact us today for a custom quote.

Many people chose not to use flyscreens for their Aneeta Sashless Windows as they may disrupt the view. However, we can include detachable fly screens that you can put on while you want air to flow through your home but not let in any insects, and then you can take them off and store them when you want to see your perfect view.

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