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Benefits and uses of fixed windows

Fixed windows, also known as picture windows, function as frames for the scenery outside a building or home. A fixed window comprises a glass pane that’s set inside a window frame that does not open or close.

Aluminium fixed windows and other types of fixed windows not only provide uninterrupted views of the exterior but also allow more natural light to filter into a home or building. This is why fixed windows are popularly used in commercial buildings where natural light ensures energy savings and enhances the work environment. In fact, the large windows you see in commercial buildings are fixed glass windows.

Fixed pane windows, by their very nature, provide an airtight seal from the elements outside, making them a highly energy-efficient window option for homes and commercial buildings. Since fixed windows are simple and streamlined, they complement modern and minimalist architectural styles perfectly. They are also relatively more affordable as they do not come with or need additional hinges or mechanisms for opening and closing.

Since lack of ventilation is a concern with fixed glass windows, they are usually installed to complement existing non-fixed windows, thereby adding to the charm and ambience of a room.

Fixed glass windows also make for perfect window splashbacks and fixed skylight windows. They bring natural light in and give one the pleasure of seeing the beautiful vista outside without the need to open extra windows, especially during cold weather season.

Maintaining fixed windows

Since fixed windows are inoperable, they are also very easy to clean and maintain. If you compare them to non-fixed windows, they don’t collect as much dust or gather too many fingerprints as they cannot be opened and closed. They also have fewer parts to repair or replace in case something gets damaged or broken.

To clean fixed windows, all you need is a window cleaner spray, a clean, damp rag and old unused newspaper. Spray on the window cleaner along the length of the window, then wipe the glass with a clean damp rag. Then, proceed to wipe the window from left to right (from the top) using some folded newspaper for a flawless finish.

Fixed window frame materials & types

Fixed window frame materials can be made from wood, vinyl or aluminium.

However, low-maintenance and corrosion-resistant aluminium fixed windows are usually preferred by home and building owners, especially for properties located close to saltwater environments.

Sizes of windows

Standard fixed windows are usually pre-made and readily available for purchase online or in home improvement stores. They usually come in a limited range of fixed windows sizes, shapes, colour and finish options and glass type.

Fixed windows are also used as architectural or shaped windows, such as round, circle top, oval, octagon and triangle or trapezoid windows.

Custom windows are only fabricated when ordered by the customer, so there’s usually a wait time lasting several weeks, depending on the size, quantity, material and degree of customisation.

The cost of custom fixed glass windows is usually a bit higher. However, since they are designed to fit your home décor or theme, custom windows have a design advantage over ready-made ones.

The glass or glazing used in fixed pane windows can be standard or insulated. For privacy purposes or if you want to achieve a certain aesthetic look, you can also use tinted or textured glass.

Frequently asked questions

The cost of fixed glass windows depends on a number of factors, such as the frame material, window size, quantity and the type of glass required. You can always ask for a quote from your prospective window maker for you to come up with a reasonable budget. Just make sure you discuss your requirements.

If you have the requisite skills on how to replace fixed window glass properly, as well as the tools and materials to do the job, you might get away with DIY efforts. However, working with glass comes with inherent risks, so our advice is to always let professional window installers handle these types of tasks.

Like any type of window, fixed pane windows require periodic cleaning to maintain their appearance and ensure they perform their best.

The frequency of cleaning your windows is entirely up to you or on local weather conditions. In general, however, windows could benefit from a quick cleaning session once a month and a more thorough wash annually.

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