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Windows are an important factor in designing any home – and one element many consider in design is uniqueness. Many budding home builders want to make their properties stand out from the crowd, but windows seem to often be quite similar in general shape.

If you’re looking for specialty windows that are a little more out-of-the-box than standard rectangular windows, arch head windows may be exactly what you’re looking for.

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What Are Arch Head Windows?

Also known as arched windows, arch windows and radius windows, arch head windows are defined by their semicircular arch design that adds a rounded border to the window itself.

Some mistake a palladian window for an arch head window due to the arched design seen at the top. However, arch head windows are all about the half elliptical shape without the rectangular window shapes that accompany palladian windows.

Why Install Arch Head Windows?

An arched window is definitely a stand out for many reasons – we’ve detailed some of the reasons an arch head window might be what you need for your home below:

  • Unique and Classy Design – As has been discussed above, a radius window such as this makes a big statement when it comes to the design of modern homes. The full arch head design has long been associated with a level of elegance and class, and you can add these elements to your property with these windows.
  • Flexibility in Overall Design – You don’t have to settle on one specific type of shape of window for your entire home. Because of the different shapes an arch window provides, they can be used to add variety to any property and get the most out of each area. This allows for choices between a small or large arched window.
  • Get More Natural Light into Your Home – Having more light can add more life to a living space. Another benefit of the arch head window is that they can be strategically installed to maximise the amount of natural light filling a room, even more than from a standard window frame.

Applications of Arch Head Windows

Due to the visual flair these window frames provide, the best applications for arch head windows would be in areas where they will be seen. They can also be installed in areas that may be a bit dark and you would prefer more natural than artificial light.

Arch head windows installed near the front door can give a sense of wow-factor upon entry – or you can add them to your dining area for a touch of home design elegance.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes! At Perth Window and Door Replacement Company, we offer custom sizes and finishes to ensure your Arch Head Windows perfectly fit your design preferences and architectural requirements.

Absolutely! Our Arch Head Windows are designed with energy efficiency in mind. They are sealed effectively to prevent drafts, reducing heating and cooling costs for your home.

In many cases, yes. Our team can assess your current window openings and advise on the feasibility and requirements of such an upgrade.

We utilise high-quality materials that ensure durability, function, and aesthetics. Depending on the design and requirements, we often use a combination of reinforced aluminium or timber frames with high-grade glass panes.

Arch Head Windows can be cleaned and maintained similarly to regular windows. Due to their curved design, it might be beneficial to hire a professional for exterior cleaning, especially for those windows out of easy reach.

Given their unique design and the additional craftsmanship involved, Arch Head Windows can sometimes be priced higher than standard rectangular windows. However, they add significant value and character to your property, making them a worthy investment.

The installation timeline can vary depending on the size and specifics of the project. Our team always aims to complete installations efficiently without compromising on quality.

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