Gas Strut Windows

Windows – just like doors – are a key element to any home, and choosing the right window can be a tough decision to make. If you’re looking for a unique window style that can provide a connection between an indoor and outdoor area, a gas strut window might be the unique option that’s just right for you.

What Are Gas Strut Windows?

Gas strut windows differ from your typical kitchen and entertainment area windows. They use heavy-duty gas struts to open up at a 90-degree angle that allows for increased airflow throughout the space.

You can find gas strut servery windows in both a sill-less and sill option, as well as different types of glass options for the best security that’s suitable for the application. Benchtops are usually installed on the external side of these types of windows.

How Do You Operate a Gas Strut Window?

Gas strut windows are straightforward and easy to use thanks to automation. Once unlocked, you can push on the window to trigger the gas struts. These will continue to seamlessly lift the window up until fully opened.

The simplicity of this functionality really needs to be seen in person to be fully appreciated. Due to no actual power being required to operate, a gas strut window makes for a great addition to any property that also has energy efficiency.

Simply give us a call to discuss your needs or alternatively, click the Quick Quote link below and we’ll get back to you with a Free Quotation as soon as we can!

Simply give us a call to discuss your needs or alternatively, click the Quick Quote link below and we’ll get back to you with a Free Quotation as soon as we can!

Why Install Gas Strut Windows?

Gas strut windows are a great way to add an extra level of quality and design flair throughout your residential or commercial space while also being quite functional.

Benefits of installing a gas strut window include:

  • Maximise natural airflow – Being windows that have only a fully open or fully shut setting, these servery windows are able to let in the most amount of air through the wide opening as possible. If you want to reduce your power bill in the summer heat of Western Australia, getting a lot of natural air through your home is a way to keep cool.
  • Connect indoor and outdoor areas – A gas strut servery window can provide a seamless transition from your indoor kitchen to your outdoor alfresco area, making it easier to pass food and other items straight outside with less clutter.
  • Strong, secure and stylish – The premium glass and frame make gas strut windows an excellent security option anywhere, while the frame design allows them to be installed against any construction while maintaining a clean and sophisticated look.
  • Make views even better – Whether you want a breeze with your view or not, the completely unobstructed view gas strut windows provide is as good a viewing option as you can get from any residential windows on the market. They also allow for more natural light to enter the room, giving a more natural feel to the space.

Applications of Gas Strut Windows

While gas strut windows can be a great addition to any area of your residential or commercial space, let us show you some examples of where you might find them.

Residential Applications

When it comes to your home, gas strut windows are usually seen in a kitchen – particularly with a bench space either on one or both sides of the window. Homes with outdoor entertaining or kitchen areas usually will have these windows for easy access to the indoor kitchen.

Another place you can often find gas strut windows is facing a nice view where a balcony isn’t available, so you can get the maximum view possible. You can also install a fly screen along with the window to protect from bugs and other small particles you would prefer to keep outside.

Commercial Applications

You might not think that there are many possible applications for gas strut windows for a business, but that’s not necessarily true.

Cafes, bars, and restaurants are one of prime examples of gas strut window usage as they can allow for the easy transfer of food and drinks from the kitchen or counter to an outdoor dining area.

Gas strut windows could also be a great fit for any business that prides itself on fantastic views, such as an observatory or beach-side business.

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