Bi-fold Doors

Elevate your home’s aesthetic and functionality with our exquisite range of Bi-Fold Doors, manufactured by Hi-Lite Aluminium Products. Crafted with precision and designed for seamless integration, our Bi-Fold Doors effortlessly merge indoor and outdoor spaces, creating a harmonious ambience that’s both inviting and captivating.

  • Transform your indoor-outdoor living space
  • Durable doors installed by experts
  • Free measure and quote service

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  • Durable, low-maintenance, easy-clean aluminium profiles
  • A comprehensive 10-year warranty for your peace of mind
  • Easily coupled to the Hi-Lite Aluminium Products range of windows and doors
  • High-performance hardware
  • Full compliance with Australian Building Standards 2047
  • You can rebate the sill track or use a U-channel guide track to minimise the chance of tripping (water issues need to be considered with this type of installation)


  • Fly screens (Hawkesbury Plus)
  • Invisi-Gard Security Screen Options
  • A wide range of fashionable powder-coated finishes
  • A variety of panel widths
  • Custom panel combinations
  • A variety of opening configurations
  • Open to the left or the right
  • Open-in or open-out

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Benefits of Bi-Folds

  • The active door can be used to go in and out without opening the entire bi-fold door
  • Open an entire space to create a large space – opening up a room area by up to 90%
  • Create the illusion of a larger home
  • A sashless double-hung window can be placed inside the door sash to allow the breeze in without opening the door
  • The option to add Centor Retractable Screens



  • Keep fingers away from hinges while operating your hinged door.
  • Fold the attached active door fully before folding the bi-fold door.
  • Don’t block exterior sill drainage holes.
  • Vacuum sill track regularly, especially in sandy areas, to prevent debris buildup and ensure smooth operation.


Effortlessly transition between indoor and outdoor spaces with our versatile bi-fold doors, available in both open-out and open-in configurations.

Whether you choose open-out for maximising interior space or open-in for seamless integration, our intuitive design ensures smooth operation every time.

Follow our simple guidelines to unlock the full potential of your bi-fold doors, enhancing convenience and enjoyment in your living space.


  • Opening: When opening your open-out bi-fold doors, use one hand to firmly pull the doors inward with the stainless steel “D” hinge handle while operating the twin-bolt lever. This ensures proper disengagement of top and bottom bolts from the head and sill.
  • Closing: When closing, repeat the process to ensure the correct positioning of the bolts into the frame at the head and sill.


  • Opening: When opening your folding doors, firmly push the doors outward while operating the twin-bolt lever. This ensures proper disengagement of the top and bottom bolts from the head and sill.
  • Closing: When closing your folding doors, again use one hand to push the doors outward firmly while operating the twin-bolt lever. This ensures the correct positioning of the bolts into the frame at the head and sill.
  • Check Twin-Bolts: Before fully closing your bi-fold doors, ensure that the twin-bolts are retracted. This can be easily identified by the horizontal position of the twin-bolt levers.

Frequently asked questions

Usually, bi-fold doors are designed for 1800mm width and a minimum of 2047mm height. The max opening for bi-fold doors is 2400mm height and 6090mm width. With custom option allowing you to go below the or above specs.

Bifold doors are designed to open inwards or outwards depending on your preference.

Internal bi-fold doors can be installed completely without bottom tracks. The bottom trackless bi-fold doors are usually installed with a top-hung system, which sees an angle bracket attaching the wall and floor with a pivot pin giving the bifold door increased flexibility to move around freely.

Simply put, yes. Retractable fly screens are available to use for bi-fold doors. Installing a bifold door to your Perth home or office can see a rise in insects wanting to enter the premise, the bifold flyscreen will help combat this issue.

Most bifold doors come with a multi-locking system making them more secure than many other door styles. With inline tracking being a feature for most bifold doors, it is more difficult for intruders to pick locks or lifts the doors from its mechanism.

Depending on the style of your bifold door specification the price can vary. The specifications can include the customisation of the door; the heigh; the width, number of panels and add ons such as glazing, pet doors etc.

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