Invisi-Gard Security Screen Doors

Keep your home safe and secure with our extensive range of Invisi-Gard Aluminium Security Screen Doors. Our stainless steel, see-through mesh security doors and screens allow you to have uninterrupted views to the outside, while protecting your home from insects and intruders.

  • Durable doors installed by experts
  • Protect your family with our secure door solutions
  • 10-year warranty

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Australia’s Premier Stainless Steel Security Brand

Invisi-Gard are Australia’s premier Stainless Steel Security brand, utilising materials of the highest quality ensuring security and great looks with low maintenance for many years.

Invisi-Gard invest heavily on research & development to come up with innovative solutions in catering for all requirements in the National Construction Code. Working with architects and builders, Invisi-Gard have tested and developed products to meet a range of building requirements in commercial and residential areas offering the highest level security solution for all your needs no matter how large or small a security door project may be.

Invisi-Gard Stacking Doors, Sliding Doors, Hinged Doors or Double Security Screen Doors offer excellent security without compromising on the vision through the door.

We like to provide a fantastic service for all our doors – which are custom made to suit your home’s colour and style, whether you want them to blend seamlessly or pop, we have an option for you.

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Frequently asked questions

  1. Increased security – Invisi-Gard are market leaders when it comes to the production of high-quality security screen doors. The doors use high tensile 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh. In terms of corrosion, resistance and product longevity, Invisi-Gard outperform any other security screen doors. Invisi-Gard doors also use a unique triple locking mechanism which offers extra security. They passed the Lock and Hinge Lever test AS5039-2008 due to this unique triple lock system as well as the strong and resistant aluminium frames.
  2. No loss of vision but increased privacy – The stainless-steel mesh in the doors allows you to see through, keeps you safe from intruders and the thickness and material used make it harder for passer-byers to see inside your property.
  3. Keep insects out – Quality security screens let you enjoy the light breeze of fresh air coming through the door while keeping insects out.
  4. Lower risk of intruders – Properties with security screens are a less likely target for burglars, improving your family’s safety. It creates a perception that you take your security seriously. It may trigger thoughts in their mind, that if you have security doors, there is a high likelihood of hidden security cameras and an alarm system as well.

The price for security screen doors can vary greatly depending on the brand and quality of the product.

Single Screen Doors can range from $466 right up to $835.

Double Screen Doors can range from $958 to $1,600.

Perth Windows & Doors are an accredited Invisi-Gard partner which offers excellent service for the highest quality, maximum protection, wide range of powder coat colours to choose from and best security out of all the screen door products on the market in Western Australia. Invisi-Gard products are typically a bit more expensive than Grille Doors, Out-Look Privacy Door and other lower quality screen door suppliers.

We feel it’s worth it to spend a little extra in order to be safe with a tried and tested security screen door that will protect you. Please get in touch for a free quote and consultation.

Invisi-Gard security screen doors are offering superior security compared to other brands. Their products meet AS5039, AS5040 and AS5041 Australian Standards. Invisi-Gard uses 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Mesh which offers superior corrosion resistance to other grades of stainless steel such as grade 304.

While security screen doors are not impossible to penetrate with extreme force, Invisi-Gard security screen doors withstand the impact of kicks, attempts at cutting the mesh with a knife and the impact of tools such as a hammer for example. Having passed all Australian Standards tests for dynamic impact, lock and hinge lever, salt spray, knife sheer, cyclone and fire, you can rest assured that our Invisi-Gard security screen doors offer you and your property the best protection, regardless of whether they are used as a back, side or front security door

Invisi-Gard’s security products use 316 Marine Grade stainless steel security mesh while Crimsafe security screens have a 304-grade mesh. Both manufacturers have their own unique security features and offer similar protection from intruders.

Invisi-Gard screens have a 15-year replacement warranty for residential security screens compared to the warrant of Crimsafe doors, which lasts 10 years from installation.

Some of the key factors to look out for when buying security screen doors include:

  • Product strength
  • Security features such as material and strength of the frame, lock-system (i.e. three locking points), quality and resistance of the mesh
  • Durability
  • UV protection
  • Warranty

Our Invisi-Gard security screen doors are manufactured to the highest standards and outperform most other suppliers in all those key aspects. If you would like to discuss the features of all our security products, feel free to contact us.

Our Invisi-Gard security screen doors can be installed with a pet door in it. It’s a great idea to offer your pets the freedom of going in and out on their own. However, according to Australian Security Industry Standards, any security doors fitted with a pet door entry into the house cannot be classified as “security screen door” because it creates an opening that reduces the level of security. Security screen doors fitted with a pet door are classified as “barrier doors”.

Whether you are purchasing new security doors or windows, at Perth Window and Door Replacement Company we offer a free measure and quote service, so you can have peace of mind knowing that the colour, shape and size will fit your property perfectly. Once purchased, we recommend our free installation service that accompanies the purchase of our products to ensure your windows and doors are installed correctly and safely. Contact our friendly team and get a quote today!

While you are granting more freedom to your pets by having a pet door installed, it also means easier access and lower security from burglars. Here are a few things you can do to make your pet door more secure:

  • Install an electronic locking mechanism which only opens for your cat and dog. i.e an RFID chip in the collar will talk to the lock on the door, preventing the door from opening without an electronic signal from the chip.
  • Install a security alarm that goes off if the weight pressure on the door frame is beyond what’s defined in the system.
  • Install motion lights.
  • Install security cameras.
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