Double Hung Windows

Double-hung windows capture all the charm of a traditional home while having the added advantages of being long-lasting and low maintenance. These window frames are a simple way to create a dynamic, timeless space. They can be fit into any room to help brighten the area, make a room feel more open, promote airflow and natural light or be aesthetically utilised to make a space look more exciting or showcase outside.

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Benefits of Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows incorporate unique, heavy-duty balance systems, which provide an effortless opening and closing action. Together with the smooth sash guides, the whole unit ensures a long, rattle-free life without any sagging or dropping.

Perth Window & Door Replacement Company’s double-hung window configurations are also designed to provide maximum control of ventilation. These energy-efficient windows glide down from the top and glide up from the bottom, allowing stale air out and fresh air in. Double-hung windows also close tightly.

So in the winter and summer months, when you are trying to maintain a perfect temperature inside your home using an aircon, you don’t have to worry about the air escaping through the window frame seals, which will help reduce your energy use.

Our double-hung aluminium windows blend perfectly with traditional timber surrounds to reflect the old-world charm of the Victorian and Federation periods. Fast-action cam locks offer quick, positive security. If required, sashes can be locked with a key for even greater security.

As with all Perth Window & Door Replacement Company aluminium products, double-hung aluminium home window products are finished in a wide range of low-maintenance, powder-coated colours.

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Frequently asked questions

A double-hung window is made of two separate window panes in their frames which are called sashes. These top and bottom sashes are stacked on top of each other within the frame on the wall. Both sashes can be slid up and down to allow outside air to flow through.

Just like awning windows and sliding windows, double-hung windows can have more secure features added, including security screens and safety glass.

If your double-hung windows did not come with locks, you can purchase a variety of locks from hardware stores that are compatible with double-hung windows. These locks can be simply attached to double-hung windows from the inside of your home and locked with the provided key.

Double-hung windows can be an energy-efficient glass window option if you are looking to reduce your energy use. They can be opened wide if you would like to allow airflow throughout your home. 

However, when closed, the seals are tight, which is perfect if you would like to stop air from escaping through your window during the summer or winter months, reducing the amount your air-con is used. 

There are also different glass quality, tinting, and glazing options, giving you further control over how much heat, chill, and energy efficiency you want to allow through your double-hung windows.

All double-hung windows can be fully dismantled so they can be properly clean. To disassemble, slide the first sash a few inches up, then squeeze the latches on the top of the sash in and gently pull the sash towards you so it sits at a 90-degree angle. You can then lift the sash up to remove it from the window frame. You can then repeat this to remove the other sash in the double hung sliding window.

Once you wipe down the windows and the frame, you can reassemble the sashes into the frame. You can do this by inserting them one at a time into the window at a 90-degree angle, then rotate it up to be vertical to the window frame, squeeze the latches in to let the sash click into the window frame. Repeat with the second sash.

The key difference between a single and a double-hung window is that a single hung window has its top sash fixed into the window frame and cannot be slid down or removed. In contrast, a double-hung window allows you to slide and remove both window sashes. Custom windows can also be double-hung or single-hung.

Double-hung windows typically cost more because of their added features, allowing you to dismantle the window to clean it thoroughly. If you want to save a little money, a single hung window may be a better choice for you, giving you the same look as the double-hung window but is a little trickier to clean and won’t give you as many ventilation options as a double-hung window.

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