Aneeta Horizontal Sashless Slide

Perth Window & Door Replacement Company supply and install Aneeta Sashless Windows. These windows are a modern alternative to traditional windows.

Aneeta Sashless Windows are a double-hung unit, featuring two moving panes of counter-balanced glass. A major benefit of these windows is the absence of a bulky timber or aluminium sash frame surrounding the glass.

Aneeta Sashless Windows from Perth Window & Door Replacement Company provide the best-uninterrupted view available today, when it comes to opening window design. The windows open at both the top and bottom. One easy motion provides perfect rotational ventilation.

Available in sizes up to 1400mm in height and 4500mm in width, the Aneeta Horizontal Sashless Slider Window complement any commercial architecture.

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Aneeta Sashless Windows

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Aneeta Horizontal Sashless Slide

Aneeta Clearstep Double-Glazed Sashless Double-Hung Window

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