Aneeta Horizontal Sashless Slide

Perth Window & Door Replacement Company supplies and installs Aneeta Sashless Windows. These windows are a modern alternative to traditional windows.

Aneeta Sashless Windows are a sashless double-hung unit, featuring two moving panes of counter-balanced glass. A major benefit of these windows is the absence of a bulky timber or aluminium sash frame surrounding the glass.

Aneeta Sashless Windows from Perth Window & Door Replacement Company provide the best-uninterrupted view available today, when it comes to opening window system and design. The windows open at both the top and bottom, with one easy motion provides perfect rotational ventilation.

Available in sizes up to 1400mm in height and 4500mm in width, the Aneeta Horizontal Sashless Slider Window complement any commercial architectural structures or air conditioned buildings.

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Aneeta Sashless Windows

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Aneeta Horizontal Sashless Slide

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Why Install Aneeta Horizontal Sashless Slides?

There are many reasons to go with this type of sleek-looking window – we have outlined some of the biggest benefits below.

  • Appearance with FunctionalityMany people have trouble deciding between having the usability of a sliding window or the sleek and stylish look of a fixed glass window. With an Aneeta Horizontal Sashless Window, you can get the best of both worlds with an opening system styled like fixed glass.
  • CustomisabilityWhen installing windows, having the ability to customise to them to suit your specific needs is critical. The Aneeta Horizontal Slider makes for a great option in this regard, being able to size up to 4500mm in width.

Applications of Aneeta Horizontal Sashless Slides

Thanks to the combination of the above features – being customisable with a blend of functionality and looks – these Aneeta windows are quite versatile when it comes to applications.

These windows serve as an excellent alternative to the installation of more standard window types in both residential and commercial settings. 

This can include – but is not limited to – bathrooms and kitchens in the home, commercial offices, public buildings such as schools or recreation centres, food businesses such as restaurants and cafes, and rooms in apartment and strata buildings.

The horizontal sliders are also a great addition to a property that already houses other Aneeta sashless windows, such as the Aneeta Clearstep Sashless Window.

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Perth Window and Door Replacement have a wide range of Aneeta windows available to suit your home or business. Our team has the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your window and door design goals and can professionally fit and install your custom window solution.

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