Sliding Windows

Homeowners have a range of window styles to choose from, but sliding windows are one of the latest, more popular innovations introduced. Long before sliding windows in Perth (and elsewhere) became popular, timber was the primary building material. It was also used to hold and secure window glasses.

But when aluminium came along, the popularity of more expensive and hard-to-procure timber began to wane. During this time, aluminium sliding windows stole the limelight because, unlike ones made from timber, aluminium sliding windows don’t warp and are easy to open and close.

Unlike conventional single- or double-hung windows, aluminium sliding windows open sideways or horizontally. Sliding windows are also available in different colours, styles, materials and finishes, making them suitable for homes built in various architectural styles.

The most popular home window type, sliding windows add versatility and security to your home. At Perth Window & Door Replacement Company we change a lot of corroded, rotten and just plain dull and tired looking windows.

The first thing you’ll notice about a Hi Lite sliding window is the silky-smooth sliding action. As an added advantage, the window design allows future flexibility through a reversible slide direction.

Optional locking mechanisms include:

  • Standard Handle Locks
  • Multi position Vent Locks
  • Push Locks

Optional Screen Options include:

  • Flyscreen with Invisi-Gard Security Screens
  • Barrier Screens with the Diamond type aluminium grille
  • Stainless Steel SupaScreen, fully tested and certified security screen

Aluminium Sliding Windows are the first choice of the vast majority of customers. They represent a cost effective way to bring light and ventilation into your home. With special glass they can also be an excellent barrier to solar energy and UV Radiation, as well as having great sound proofing properties. Ask us how Low E Glass can pay for itself by reducing your energy bills.

If you’re wondering if sliding windows are the best option for your project, we share some detailed information about them below, including the advantages they offer.

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Wondering if sliding windows are the right fit for your window installation or replacement project?

Perhaps knowing about the benefits they offer could help you in making an informed decision.

  • Sliding windows are ideal if you want to have expansive views of the scenery outside.
  • They let in the optimum amount of light and facilitate efficient ventilation – you can let in as much sunlight or fresh breeze as you want.
  • They are easy to open and close as you don’t need to spend extra effort lifting or pushing them upward and forcing them shut. All you need to do is slide them sideways and that’s it, no muss, no fuss.
  • They come in a wide range of sizes (small, medium, large) and styles (wide, narrow or high), so they are suitable for different architectural designs. You also have the option to order custom sliding windows.
  • Aluminium sliding window locks are simple to use yet secure.
  • Sliding windows require virtually no maintenance and are very easy to clean.
  • The material used (aluminium) does not warp or change due to weather conditions. It is also corrosion-resistant.
  • Sliding windows are great space savers as they do not take up any extra space to open unlike hopper or awning windows.
  • Sliding windows are more energy efficient than other window types, so they can help reduce energy bills. They don’t require complicated moving parts, so they are easy to close tightly, thereby effectively blocking out air from the outside.

They are relatively more affordable than other window styles.


As previously mentioned, sliding windows have very few components needed for easy operation. You don’t need to worry about pulleys or springs that might get dirty or rusty. In fact, all that there is are small wheels set inside the track where each window glides on. And the fact that they have very few parts makes sliding windows extremely low-maintenance – including custom sliding windows.

Professionally installed sliding windows have sliders that can withstand many years of use.

Frequently asked questions

Yes it’s definitely possible to hang curtains over sliding glass doors and it’s actually not a whole lot different to hanging curtains up over a window. All you need is a curtain rod that fits the size of your sliding door and brackets to hold the rod up in place. Due to the sunrays coming into your home and the damage and fading it causes to your furniture and floors over time, it’s advisable to put curtains on your sliding doors.

Aluminium sliding window prices vary depending on the size and number of windows you require. However, we can provide you with a free quote using this form

Sliding windows are very easy to clean.

There are slider styles that can be tilted for quick and easy cleaning. All you have to do is to lubricate the sliders and clean the runners every six months or so.

To pick up loose or stray dirt, rub a damp cloth along the runners, then use a toothbrush to get the dirt out from in between the runners. If you have a dry silicone spray handy, apply this on the tracks after cleaning to ensure your windows slide effortlessly. The operable glass panes are also easy to pop out for cleaning.

If you take the DIY approach, there are several steps you need to consider, including measuring the opening for your new glass widows, removing the windows and old window frames, preparing the opening, caulking, installation of the glass and so on.

However, we advise you against replacing aluminium sliding windows on your own as any errors in your measurements and in any of the steps can lead to added costs – unless you have the skills and expertise to do the job yourself.

For sliding glass window replacement help, please contact our Perth showroom.

Lubricating the sliders during cleaning and applying dry silicone spray on the tracks during routine maintenance help make windows slide easily and smoothly.