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Perth Window & Door Replacement Company are the experts in supplying Double and Triple Glazed Windows, custom made to fit your property. We supply both the frame and glass, which is tailored to suit your needs and budget.

It is important to understand the benefits of Double Glazed and Triple Glazed Windows, so you can make informed decisions about not only your window frame, but also the glass glazing choice that will meet your requirements.

What is Double Glazing?

Glass Glazing refers to the number of panes which sit within the window frame. So Single Glazing is one pane of glass in the frame. Double Glazing means there are two panes of glass, sitting within the window frame, separated by a spacer. Triple Glazing means there are three panes of glass attached and separated by a spacer.

Other factors which impact the double-glazing effectiveness include:

  • Glass Type and Window Film – Whether it is Low-E or tinted glass, and the glass thickness
  • Window Frame – what type of material it is made from, such as aluminium or timber
  • Gap Filling – the efficiency is impacted by what is in-between the glass (whether it is air or argon gas)

Our Window Experts will walk you through the different window glaze options, and help select the right type of glazing to suit your budget and lifestyle.

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Double & Triple Glazing Benefits

Double Glazed Windows help to keep your windows more energy-efficient, while also blocking unwanted noise from the outside. Double and Triple Glazed Windows are also referred to as Thermal Windows or Insulated Glass Units (IGUs) as they help to make the window more energy efficient.

Our double glazed windows can be fitted to a wide range of frames, to suit your home’s colour pallet and style.

Professional Installation

Perth Window & Doors have a team of window and door replacement specialists, who will custom fit and install your double glazed windows, ensuring no leaks once the winter rains start. Install double glazing the right way with our great team.

Additional Information

Triple Glazed & Double Glazed Windows

What You Should Look For

Making carefully thought-out decisions and wise choices when choosing thermal glazing will greatly improve the comfort for those of you who are near or close to windows, especially very large windows. Our ideals of comfort are not just air temperature but we also take into consideration the entire surroundings that can have a major impact on our customers.

Our main objective is to have an indoor glass surface temperature that is as close to room temperature as possible. This equates to glass that is neither cold in the winter months nor warm in the summer months. The value of U-value (as Uw in Windows) measures how well a window system conducts heat.

How It Works

The rate of heat is shown in terms of U-value in window assembly which includes the frame, the seals, the glass and the spacers. The lower the U-value, the higher the window’s resistance to heat flow along with the greater its insulation value. The SHGC (solar heat gain coefficient) for windows shown as SHGC, measures show how quickly direct sun streams through a window system. The SHGC is the fraction directly conducted, as it is absorbed and thereby released inward.

SHGC is rated in a number value between 0 and 1. The lower the SHGC, the less solar heat is being transmitted. The angle which solar radiation hits glass has a major impact on the amount of heat being sent. At the point that the sun is perpendicular to the glass, it’s angled at 0 degrees. 85% of solar heat is transmitted with standard glass.

The angle will increase with the higher solar radiation being reflected and less being sent. Once the angle surpasses 55 degrees it falls sharply. The effective area of exposure to radiation reduces as the angle increases. Under the Building Code of Australia (BCA), manufacturers of windows are required to maintain windows and doors that meet the minimum specs for structural adequacy and water seepage resistance under Australian Standard (AS) 2047. Energy adequacy provisions dictate that a window’s performance must meet in agreement with the guidelines of the Australian Fenestration Rating Council (AFRC).

Thousands To Select From

There are thousands of glass and frame styles to choose from. Choosing the ones that are right for you is critical to improving your energy effectiveness within your home. There are certain products that are deliberately designed to keep heat in or out and vary in regards to daylight, noise, maintenance and security. The price of a window and the cost of heating and/or cooling your home are succinctly related. The initial investment in energy windows will greatly reduce your heating and cooling bills.

Good energy-efficient windows will also reduce those peak heating and cooling hours and reduce an air conditioning system by 30%. This, in turn, will also reduce your costs, offering greater savings.

The Australian Window Association has created a tool (see that will calculate the savings you may experience with energy-efficient glazing. This handy tool compares various window selections to a common aluminium window with 3mm clear glass.

Stop By – We Are Here For You

We are here to offer you the very best in window and door energy efficiency. Call us or stop by, our professional team will be more than happy to guide you through our various options. Keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter will not only save on your energy bill but also make your home a welcomed place to come back to.

We are here to help you get the windows and door glazing systems that match your specific needs.

Replace your standard windows with NEW Double Glazed!

Our Double Glazing Systems for Your Windows

These products are custom-made to meet our clients’ specific needs. The needs of our customers are first and foremost and we want to ensure each customer is fully satisfied with the windows and doors they have selected.

Our excellent products are made from quality components in order to meet our very strict high-end standards and go well beyond the standards demanded by Australia. Our double-glazed windows and doors offer technological innovations, low emission glass, and argon gas. Our technology will ensure energy efficiency, sound reduction and competitive costs are very important to the satisfaction of our clientele. We listen to our customers and that’s why we only offer the very best quality anywhere within the industry.

These premium options are standard in all our products, unlike many of our competitors, and are offered at a very competitive price. Our double glazing offers excellent, hardy protection against Australia’s blazing sun by keeping your home cool during the summer months. This same protection applies to warmth during the cold winter months to keep your home warm and comfortable. Our windows have argon gas-filled units and low-emission glass that will prevent up to 70% of heat loss and 77% heat gain. We will give you the very best protection against the elements of Australia along with great noise insulation for a perfect night’s sleep.

Whether your neighbours are having a party, you live near an airport or live on a busy street. You will experience a very restful night’s sleep, guaranteed!

Double glazing significantly reduces outside noises including traffic, aircraft taking off and landing, dogs barking or noisy neighbours. Our Perth windows will enhance the aesthetics of your home while not endangering the environment. Our superior products come with competitive prices, so you will never regret choosing Perth Window as your double-glazing provider.

Our window products in Perth offer homeowners some of the biggest energy savings. With a very small environmental footprint and reduction in energy loss, aluminium double-glazed windows are a must consideration when building or renovating.

It’s time to change for the environment, save in energy bills and for your own comfort.

  1. Stop summer heat coming in
  2. Stop cool air escaping in summer
  3. Stop heat escaping in winter
  4. Stop noise coming in
  5. Reduce energy bills
  6. Reduce Co2 Emissions

Technical Information

Aluminium treatment

We can provide powder-coating, anodised and fluorocarbon-coating in any colour. We can also colour match a double glazed window from a sample.

What We Provide:

  • A six-star energy rating for all new projects
  • 10-year warranty
  • Conforms to Australian Standards
  • Passive housing and energy-efficient joinery
  • Save money on your energy bills
  • Stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter
  • Reduce outside noises by 80%
  • No painting, fading or warping
  • Never any form of maintenance
  • High-quality designing
  • Environmentally friendly

Double Glazed Windows FAQ

Double glazed windows are windows that consist of two panes of glass, separated by a very thin layer of argon gas. This trapped argon layer boasts 2/3rds the thermal conductivity nature of standard air. This makes it a bad heat conductor. The poor conductivity leads to warm air being sequestered into the home, improving energy efficiency of your house or dwelling.

Additionally, double glazing helps with additional glass paine acting as an added sound barrier. This serves the purpose of keeping the home padded, as the window areas are where most sound escapes. It also serves to improve the overall strength and security of the window.

The process of manufacturing double-glazed windows is surprisingly simple and straightforward. Initially, two single panes of glass are separated by spacers. Then, airtight, hermetically sealed gaps are created. These gaps are then filled with inert gases, with argon being the most commonly utilised. These gaps are filled in a vacuum, to prevent the formation of condensation, as well as stopping moisture from seeping in between the glass panes.

The expanse of the gap is dependent on both the type of windows and the type of gas used to fill the gap. Typically, the gap ranges from 10 to 20 millimetres. There is also triple glazing, which is made in the same process, but utilises three panes of glass and two cavities of inert gases.

Double glazed windows are far different from single pane windows. Through more advanced technology, and a thin layer of inert gas between layers of glass, the inner glass pane reduces the amount of heat lost through the window, and the outer pane of glass allows the sun’s heat to penetrate through and inside your home. You get the light, but without the intense heat of the Australian sun.

The costs associated with installing double glazing into your home is entirely dependent on the size of your home, as well as the number of windows you are looking to upgrade. Regardless, it is a safe expectation to estimate several thousand dollars for a complete installation. Double glazing is a competitive market in Perth. For this reason, it’s important to shop around and determine the best possible deal for your new home or home renovation project.

Working with a tight budget? It may be beneficial to go piecewise, and double-glaze the most used rooms in your home first to minimise your overall double glazing cost.

The wetness seen on the inside of double glazed windows is condensation. This is often an occurrence when the surface temperatures of the windows are far cooler than the air found inside the rooms. If seals around the glazing have failed or are of poor quality, warm air is prone to entering gaps between glass panes.

When the warner air contacts the cold air present between panes of double glazed windows, condensation forms. This is no different than the condensation found on windows that are not double glazed. However, as double glazing in windows seals in the gap, there isn’t a place for moisture to escape.

If left completely untreated, window condensation can slide down the glass and onto the walls below your window. This can lead to issues from black mould to wet/dry rot. Double glazing condensation can also be disappointing as it leads to the fogging of views.

Double glazed windows serve to keep the hot Australian sun from heating your home year-round. The design of these windows created insulated breaks between the indoors and outdoors. This keeps the heat out during the hot summer months.

Traditional windows are made from single sheets of glass. Double glazed windows have two panes of glass and argon gas between, which creates an insulation break. The gap limits the heat from outside that can make it through to inside the home.

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