Award-winning Centor Screens

Centor has been awarded a ‘Red Dot: Best of the Best 2019’ by the world’s largest design competition for their S4 Screen System. The revolutionary S4 Screen was specifically developed for homes with large door openings.

  • Luxury design
  • Keep pests out and maintain privacy
  • Experience a new way of inside-outside living

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Why Centor Screens

  • Unique load balancing technology which makes it easy to slide doors which just a fingertip.
  • Easy to retract screen or blind into the frame.
  • Top quality screen and blind fabric that is held securely by top and bottom tabs.
  • Prevent insects from coming in the house, get maximum protection from sunlight and enjoy increased privacy due to screens and blinds that are fully retained within the frame on all sides.
  • Variety of screen mesh styles available to choose from.
  • Light-filtering and blackout quality blind fabric with a range of stylish patterns and colours.
  • Screens and blinds are available in four configurations to suit your home.
  • 5-year limited warranty.

Screen & Blind Configuration Options

Single Screen or Blind
Double Screens or Blinds
Double Screens or Blinds
Combination Configuration
Cornerless Configuration
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