14 Trendy Front Door Colours to Make a Splash in 2021

front door colours

You only have one chance to make a great first impression, and it all starts with your front door.

The front door of your home is the first thing people see, and it can say a lot about you. However, if your door lacks personality or looks a bit ‘meh,’ perhaps it’s time to make a small change and inject some character into it.

One way to do this is by changing the colour of your door — and you’re in luck because there’s an almost endless list of front door paint colours to choose from.

Let’s take a look at 14 trending front door colours in 2021.

1. Cottage Green Front Doors

Cottage Green Front Door Colour

The colour green symbolises nature, freshness, harmony, and safety. It is also a recommended feng shui front door colour as it stands for renewal and balance.

Green matches well with white house façades and is one of the best front door colours for a light grey house.

Cottage Green exudes a feeling of freshness and closeness to nature — just like regular green. However, it carries with it an element of strength and understated sophistication.

2. Headland Orange Front Doors

Headland Front Door Colour

Bright, bold, and exciting, Headland Orange is associated with flamboyance, and can warm up even the coldest atmosphere.

You can add depth and dimension to your home exterior by including red- or orange-hued veranda accessories and door accents. However, Headland Orange is a colour that can also stand on its own.

3. Blue Ridge Front Doors

Blue Ridge Front Door Colour

In general, blue symbolises stability, confidence, and intelligence.

Always a classic, blue is an elegant colour that can complement the look of almost any home exterior.

4. Ultriva Primrose (Light Yellow) Front Doors

Ultriva Primrose Front Door Colour

Light yellow is a colour that never fails to liven up a space, whether the façade is light or dark.

Vivid, bright, and sunny, yellow represents hope, honesty, and warmth, as well as new beginnings. This is why yellow front doors never fail to give off a happy and youthful vibe.

5. Manor Red Front Doors

Manor Red Front Door Colour

Fiery, show-stopping Manor Red is an arresting hue that’s also one of the better door colours for a grey house. It also goes well with white or light-coloured and light blue façades, as well as homes with a brick exterior.

Red stands for power and strength.

It is a popular colour choice in Feng Shui, as red represents good fortune and prosperity.

6. Charcoal Black Front Doors

Charcoal Metallic Front Doors

Another classic colour that’s always on-trend, Charcoal Black is refined and sophisticated.

However, it can also be fun because, just like white, you have the option to dress it up or down using door accents and accessories in any shade.

7. Pearl White Front Doors

Pearl White Front Doors

Whether it’s a pale greyish white or creamy white, a door in this classy colour gives off a feel of understated elegance.

You can keep your white door beautifully simple and clean, or you can deck it up with decorations and hardware without worrying about the clashing of colours.

8. Deep Ocean Blue Front Doors

Deep Ocean Front Door Colour

Deep Ocean Blue is a vivid, standout door colour that pairs exceedingly well with most house motifs. It accents pale grey and white beautifully.

It is also one classic colour that wears well and never goes out of style.

9. Bronze Front Doors

Bronze Front Door Colour

Bronze is another one of the classic hues that made it to this list of highly recommended front door colours for 2020.

Bronze is a popular choice in high-contrast landscapes.

It is best paired with white, camel, cream, and other earth tones.

10. Silver Gray Front Doors

Silver Gray Front Door Colour

Silver gray front doors, especially those done in dove grey or greyish-blue, impart a serene, muted, elegant feel.

It goes very well with white, blue, pink, and other hues belonging to the warm neutral palette.

11. Sandbank Cream Front Doors

Sandbank Front Door Colour

Sandbank Cream has a certain softness and richness to it that is usually absent in pure white.

As one of the more popular neutral colours, it instantly adds an element of relaxation and serenity to a home. And although it works great in combination with most colours, it is one of the recommended front door colours for yellow houses as it has a calming effect on the bright and sunny hue.

12. Pale Eucalypt Front Doors

Pale Eucalypt Front Door Colour

Just like its parent colour green, Pale Eucalypt is a refreshing nature colour that reminds one of health and happiness.

Although commonly paired with neutrals, a Pale Eucalypt door can provide a delightful contrast to lighter, softer shades.

13. Snow Dust Front Doors

Snow Dust Front Door Colour

Like other light or pastel shades, Snow Dust is easy on the eyes. Although not as vibrant as its parent colour cream, Snow Dust can liven up darker colours very well and provide a nice, soft contrast to vivid or darker colours.

14. Loft Brown Front Doors

Loft Brown Front Door Colour

No matter which trends come and go, a classic is always in, just like the colour of natural wood embodied in Loft Brown.

Strong, long-wearing, and elegant, Loft Brown complements almost all shades in the colour spectrum.

A word on choosing the best front door colour

When choosing the best colour for your front door, keep in mind the architectural style of your home, as well as your own taste and style preferences.

To get a better idea of what colour would work best, take a photograph of your home in good lighting and use it as reference when shopping for front door colours.

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