Indoor Plants Perth – Your Simple Buying and Care Guide

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Growing indoor plants in Perth has picked up the pace in recent years, with an increase in happy plant owners across the city. These aesthetically pleasing additions to your home interior are usually located close to glass windows and doors around the home or office.

The Perth indoor plants community is starting to embrace and reap the rewards of having plants surround their space at home and work. With a multitude of boutique and large-scale stockists opening up, its hard not to at least have one in your premises.

There are many known benefits of having a cactus, monstera or a snake plant (don’t let the name fool you!) to your overall wellbeing. Snake plants are fantastic air cleaners, which helps rid your home or office from everyday toxins in the air.

Indoor plants are also great for re-humidifying dry indoor air and have been known to aid with allergy relief by filtering allergens in the air.

We have outlined some of Perth’s most popular house plants that have proven to withstand the climate and slight neglect by new plant owners.

Indoor Plants Perth

Being a seasonally dry city, Perth sees a lot of sunshine and dust throughout the year. Hence, it’s good to buy plants that are likely to survive in the climate and care for them differently than how you would if you lived in a cooler climate.


Fiddle Leaf Fig

Botanical name: Ficus Lyrata

Pricing: $$

fiddle leaf fig - Indoor plants perth

Benefits: Fiddle leaf originates from West Africa, growing in the low tropical rainforests of Cameroon. This indoor plant is hardy in nature and can handle warm, humid climates. It is a thriving plant during the autumn, summer and spring months in Perth.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Care Guide:

Being a subtropical plant, the fiddle lead fig can handle most months of the year except for harsher winter months in Perth depending on where you are located and how well your indoor area is insulated.

Watering: During the warmer month, Fiddles can be watered every time the top 1 inch of the soil is dry. Keep the water temperature to room temp or lukewarm.

Do not overwater fiddles as they do not thrive in overly wet soil including summertime. Ensure you do not let drained water pool in the tray for more than 48 hours.

Lighting: Fiddles love indirect light and can be temperamental if they receive too much sunshine. Try and scout a permanent place for the fiddle that receives indirect morning sun, if the plant seems happy, you have found the perfect spot.


Rubber plant

Botanical name: Ficus Elastica

Pricing: $$

rubber plant - Indoor plants perth

Benefits: The rubber plant is like the fiddle leaf, is extremely hardy and can become a tree if you want to scale.

Rubber Plant Care Guide:

Great for a Perth home if you fertilise the plant every 6 months and wipe the leaves to allow the leaves to breathe.

Watering: During the warmer months, water more twice a week but ensure there is no pooling of water, the dampness in well-drained soil will suffice with regular wiping of the leaves with a wet cloth or use a misting spray. During wintertime, this Ficus can go with being watered twice a month.

Lighting: Rubber plants love light, locate the pot by a wall next to a window that see morning light come in. Ensure the area doesn’t get too hot or receive too much direct sunlight.


Snake plant

Botanical name: Sansevieria Trifasciata

Pricing: $

Snake plant - Indoor plants perth

Benefits: Cleans the air by sucking in toxins that accumulate through electronics and furniture in your space.

Snake Plant Care Guide:

Great for Perth’s dry climate. Easy to maintain and can survive occasional neglect.

Watering: Water when soil is dry or once every 3 weeks in winter and once every 2 weeks in summer months.

Lighting: Loves indirect sunlight. Place near a window that receives the morning sun or under a sunroof.


Devils Ivy

Botanical name: Epipremnum Aureum

Pricing: $

Devil's ivy - Indoor plants perth

Benefits: Extremely hardy and perfect for the beginner plant parent. Flexible with potting requirements, can survive in a pot or in water.

Devils Ivy Care Guide:

Can handle slight neglect and forgives not being regularly cared for.

Watering: Once a week during the summer period and when the soil is dry during winter months.

Lighting: Due to its hardy nature, the ivy can survive in most environments including bright office lights to indirect sunlight to a steamy bathroom with low lights.


Peace Lily

Botanical name: Spathiphyllum wallisii

Pricing: $

peace lily - Indoor plants perth

Benefits: Non-temperamental and will let you know if it needs something.

Peace Lily Care Guide:

Super easy to care for, repot once a year when ready. Do not overwater as the leaves will droop.

Watering: Water when the leaves are beginning to droop or when the soil is very dry.

Lighting: Loves indirect sunlight or low light locations. Can’t handle direct sun or bright lights, prefers shaded areas to thrive.

kitchen sill house plants - Indoor plants perth

Indoor plants that are suited to the Perth climate are a great way to decorate your home, along with having some great health benefits. There are plenty of low and easy-care indoor plants, which even a beginner gardener can take care of.

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