Practical Renovation Ideas to Add Space in Your Home

You need more space in your home, and selling your property is not on your to-do list, so is purchasing a new one. If you are in this situation, a home renovation project is what you need. Not that you have to use up all your savings; with proper planning, you can have an extra living space you can enjoy with your family.

What do you need to do?

Make Wise Decisions

Perhaps, your garage has been used as storage, and you have been parking your car outside and its eating up space. What you can do is to organise and clear it so you can use it for its real purpose, parking. Also, have roller garage doors fitted so you can get your car inside faster and easier. Moreover, check if there are things that can be disposed of or sold.

Add a Structure

The outdoor space that will be free once you will be able to park you car in the garage can be used to build a conservatory or a granny flat. See to it that the design and layout is practical and functional enough. You can find different conservatory types you can choose from if you are leaning towards having one built. You can also read about exemptions from development approval for garages, sheds and gazebos for more information.

  • Consider Lighting

So as not to spend more on lighting fixtures, have energy-efficient windows installed so more natural light can come in. You can choose from French doors to bi-fold doors that can be customised by a door and window replacement company, depending on your preference.

  • Keep in Mind Functionality

To enjoy your conservatory or flat, you can install roller shutters to provide insulation for cold and summer months. This way, you can use it all year-round without having to worry about the weather.

Maximise Existing Space

If you want a more-private dining room, you can separate it from the living room with glass doors so you can entertain friends without having to be distracted with children playing. Moreover, your kitchen and dining room can either be connected or separate by using sliding doors as partitions.

Getting the space you need doesn’t have to be a major construction project. With new roller garage doors and a well-designed structure, you can have a larger home without having to buy a new one.