Bring the Luxury of a 5-Star Hotel to Your Home

If you were to name one place that exudes luxury, you’d likely say, “a hotel”. After all, 5-star accommodation don’t just offer comfort, but also features that are pleasing to the eyes. Well, you can bring the elegance of a hotel in your home with these tips:

  • Replace old locks with one that is equipped with a fingerprint recognition lock. It may seem like taking things too far, but it’s one way to improve security in your home. Speaking of which, have windows and doors replaced with the most secure and energy-efficient kind.
  • Elevate your outdoor living area by installing bistro blinds or shade sails. This will induce feelings of relaxing in a luxury hotel by the pool. Choose the light shade of mesh or material to achieve the right shade and space.
  • Add sophisticated leather furniture. If there’s one thing that set a hotel apart, the fancy seating and furnishings will be it. Although your choice of couch and table don’t have to be huge, they should at least look and feel grand. So, apart from upholstery leather, they must be well-designed as well.
  • Have fresh, clean towels ready in the bathroom. To capture that hotel feel, make sure the towels, including the bed linens, have a spa-like quality — soft to the touch and fragrant to the smell. Throw in scented candles and aromatherapy oils and voila! Instant spa right at home.
  • Use the right lighting system. This not only mean energy-efficient bulbs, but also upmarket fixtures with high-end designs. Make sure to install designer chandeliers or fancy wall sconce. You should also mix and match a variety of lighting systems, such as ambient, task and accent lighting, in one room. Don’t forget to add a diffuser where it’s needed.
  • Use hardwood flooring for that elegant look. True, this may be expensive to complete, but it will be worth it. After all, hardwood flooring will last a long time. It also exudes the elegance and classic visual appeal that you’re likely to find in a hotel. Moreover, it will be easier to tie it up with furniture items made of leather.

By following these tips, your home can rival a hotel. This will make daily living feel like going on a holiday every day.