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Sliding Blinds for Bifold Doors

bifold screen

Putting an end to the compromises between uninterrupted views and unrestricted movement and the need to eliminate unpleasant flying pests, the ES2 continues the evolution of the bifold system.

Including a world-first fully integrated insect screening solution for bi-fold scale openings ES2-based doors are ready for action as soon as temperatures allow. The rest of the year the screen system can be rolled back out of view, with hardware integrated into the architecture of the door frame itself.

Functioning smoothly and reliably so that use of bifold doors is maximised whatever the season, the stylishly minimal ES2 puts an end to compromises between uninterrupted views, unrestricted movement and the need to eliminate insects.

  • fully integrated screening system for bifold doors
  • load balancing technology™
  • tough PVC-coated polyester
  • meshtight technology™

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